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  • Name: Factory direct round silicone foam strip
  • Number: a11
  • Added time: 2014-06-16
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This product has excellent resistance to high temperature performance, long-term work in the temperature range of -60 ~ 250 ℃; 
Has excellent electrical insulation properties, and can in broad temperature remained basically unchanged within a reasonable frequency range, arc resistance, corona performance is also very good; also has excellent resistance to aging, ozone resistance; its surface with good not sticky, it's breathable rate, with select permeability; it also has a non-toxic and good physiological characteristics. Most silicone rubber products are used in high temperature or low temperature requirements of the occasion, as well as for non-stick surfaces require or request with good electrical insulation properties, good electrical properties, especially where some of the harsh conditions in such high temperatures, high frequency. Because it has such excellent overall performance, so in aerospace, aviation, automotive, electronics, chemicals, instruments, machinery, health and everyday life are given a wide range of applications. Special specifications rod, tube sheet according to user requirements. 
Its characteristics: temperature, weather resistance, non-toxic, insulation, anti-ozone, resistance to temperature -200 degrees to 300 degrees, cut length can carry a good flame resistance, good mechanical strength and other characteristics, Shore hardness 40-70 degrees. 
3, Color: white transparent, translucent, black, blue, gray, green and so on. 
Specifications: standing stock models (ID × OD): 0.5 × 1,1 × 3,2 × 4,3 × 5,4 × 6,5 × 7,6 × 9,8 × 12,10 × 14,10 × 20,12 × 17,15 × 20,16 × 22,20 × 25,25 × 30,30 × 40,35 × 43,35 × 45,38 × 48, the processing of other models reported over three days, special circumstances day to pick up.