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  • Name: Silicone sponge
  • Number: yg-031
  • Added time: 2015-06-03
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The series of open cell silicone sponge rubber products with its advantages of high temperature resistant, good air permeability, pressure resistance and so on, has been the essential products for the ironing table in production of suits and high-end clothing.

Main usage:Applied to clothing ironing equipment, electrical and electronic shock absorbing, mechanical seals, high temperature filtration and other industries.

The forming process of open cell silicone rubber sponge:High air permeability soft polyurethane sponge as a carrier,using the dipping extrusion process and make the liquid silicone rubber covering all meridians. Vulcanized for two times, the internal of the polyurethane sponge are been damaged. Finally, made into the open cell silicone rubber sponge with high air permeability.Temperature resistance of the material is -60℃-250 ℃. The average pore diameter are in the range of 1.5mm-0.2mm.