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Development of China's automobile industry activated rubber market

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April 21 to 22, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers hosted in 2014 by the China Automobile Forum held in Beijing, organized by the Department of Public Works letter. During the conference, according to statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers of commercial vehicle manufacturers to submit analysis, in 2014 a quarter of the six regions in the country, compared with the same period last year, in addition to South and Southwest region sales declined slightly, other growth in each region, including North and Northeast regions of the top growth. For the chemical industry, in addition to areas of adhesives, automotive rubber products in the field can also be cause for concern.
Rubber parts can be broken down by field of application for the automotive rubber products, rubber products, household appliances, construction machinery, rubber products sub-sectors. Among them, the automotive rubber products accounted for more than 50% of the rubber products industry production and sales. In developed countries, 90% and 70% of the damping rubber hoses are used in the automotive industry. Statistics show that the use of a common automotive rubber parts 100 to 200 species, with Santana, for example, the quality of rubber products used in up to 66 kg, equivalent to nearly 20 kg of raw rubber, accounting for about 2% of the cost of the car. 
2013 global non-tire rubber products 50 companies to invest in China has 34 factories, run by more than 70 factories, widely distributed in several major domestic automobile production base in Shanghai, Tianjin, Changchun, Wuhan and Guangzhou, which are produced the products include a variety of automotive rubber products. By establishing contact with local leading automotive group, these companies stepped up production of rubber products and automobile production directly; addition, these joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises have expanded production to raw materials from rubber, rubber machinery and testing equipment, etc., so that the downstream industries to integrate. 
Compared with foreign companies, Chinese automotive rubber products production technology from the late 1980s began to receive a full upgrade through the introduction of foreign technology and equipment after production. At present, the domestic initially formed Hebei Hengshui engineering rubber products base, V-belt base in Taizhou, Zhejiang, Hebei King states hose base and the base in Haining, Zhejiang seals and other rubber products manufacturing base. Currently, the domestic automotive rubber products market size of 400 billion yuan, of which seal products, parts and hose damping occupy a major share, more than 90%, the future market space can be further tapped.


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