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Basic chemical industry in 2014 Q2 Strategy Report: promising dyes and rubber products industry

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Dye the fastest growing markets in Asia Pacific. With increasing environmental pressures and increased labor costs, developed countries will be forced local businesses to gradually shift the basis of synthetic dyes lower the overall cost of the Asia-Pacific region, and to shrink their business focus and functional areas of high dye dye. Asia-Pacific region is undoubtedly the biggest textile dyes and fastest growing market in the future, China, China Taiwan and South Korea are the center of disperse dyes, reactive dyes and India has produced a dominant position. 
     Our dye manufacturer oligopolistic competition. From the production point of view, China's top three manufacturers of disperse dyes scale Zhejiang Longsheng, runtu shares and Hangzhou Jihua three together accounted for more than 65% market share; former manufacturer of reactive dyes four gorgeous Hubei, Zhejiang Longsheng, Taixing Jinyun and runtu shares four together occupy more than 85% market share which, Zhejiang Longsheng and runtu occupy 35% of the shares and 30% of the market share of disperse dyes. 
     Dye still exists room for price increases. One major reason, increasingly stringent environmental policy, textile manufacturing labor costs rise, coupled with spending, dye industry research and development costs rising trend uncertain; Second, the dye stronger bargaining power in the downstream. 2013, printing and dyeing industry, effective and smooth serious polarization, enterprises with good sensitivity and poor corporate different dyes, dye prices Forced printing industry technology upgrading and survival of the fittest, under the monopoly of the dye industry may cost to the downstream transmission pressure; Third, in the short term, from January to February 2014, the textile industry is poised to start. Dye corporate orders and normal operating conditions, good market demand, inventory is not high. Dye industry more stable profitability, the chemical industry will be better than the other plate. Dye sector company we focus Zhejiang Longsheng, runtu shares. 
     Rubber products: tires and rubber tape main costs account for more than 50%, and this proportion is difficult to change in the existing process conditions. Natural rubber prices in 2014 will continue the trend of low, rubber and natural rubber prices listed company earnings trend significant inverse correlation, earnings benefited from rubber, natural rubber prices are low. Focus on Double Arrow shares.


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