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    Thank you for visiting our website, best wishes to you .Your attention has always been the source of Yiguang’s grow up!
Over the past decade, Yiguang adhering to the enterprise spirit of "Make the best use of talent, honesty, based on technology, innovation and development.”Concentrate on professional expertise, work realistically , step by step,we have gone through course of difficulties.We start at the weak situation of lacking two points elements "economic base" and "social relations", but from then on, we played to our expertise advantages; We keeping continuous technological innovation and research, customized the professional solutions for customers, thus obtained the trust of customers and market recognition.

   Our goal is clear: insist to do fine and delicate at first, do specialize in the medium term, to become the most competitive and well-known brands in specialty rubber industry in later stage. A decade of history is not short,it can be said that full with trials and hardships.After eight years of painstaking preparation, we basically realized our first target. Now we are proudly go ahead to the medium-term target stably.In such an collective which experience with hard work, dynamic and innovative spirit,solidarity and cooperation , we will have a huge potential for the development of enterprises.

   Looking back at the past, we sincerely thank to those who helped and supported Yiguang; Now, on behalf of all company staffs, I sincerely thanks to all the leaders,suppliers, customers and all the industry colleagues who care about and support the development of Shanghai Yiguang Special Rubber Products Co., Ltd. !